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Welcome to J. A. Fair Library Media Center!

The mission of the J. A. Fair Library Media Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to encourage leisure use of worthwhile materials. The library media center is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum and supports the educational goals and the instructional objectives of J. A. Fair Magnet High School. 


This website seeks to promote reading and research and provides educational resources for students and staff.


J. A. Fair High School Library Media Center

Rebecca Nelson, Library Media Specialist

Anthony Bland, Library Technical Support

The J. A. Fair Library Media Center provides a print collection and electronic databases designed to meet the needs of students and staff. The media center is staffed and accessible before school and throughout the school day.


Students are expected to follow some simple guidelines while in the Media Center.

· Books may be checked out for two weeks and rechecked as needed. Two books may be checked out at a time.

· Students with overdue, lost or damaged books are not allowed to check out additional books until their obligations have been cleared.

· Reference books and magazines do not circulate outside the Media Center.

· Food, drink and book bags are not allowed in the Media Center. Book bags must be placed by the magazines at the entrance to the Media Center.

· No more than 4 students per table. More than that generates noise and leaves no room for anyone to work.

· Students are expected to be quiet in the Media Center. Any talking should be done in a whisper mode.

· When printing from the computer, please do a "print preview" to see how many pages you are printing. Plan to print only the pages you need.

· Computers are here for you to write or do research for school projects. Playing games or chatting in chat rooms is a violation of the District's Computer Use Policy. Your computer privileges will be revoked for that day and will be revoked for the quarter the second time we see you.

· Clean up after yourself. Put library books back on the proper shelf, tuck in chairs and throw away your trash. Other students need a neat place to work.

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