JAG Creed



I believe I have the right to establish high

personal and career goals and to develop

those skills necessary to achieve my goals.

I believe I must choose a career appropriate

to my interests, abilities and aptitudes.

I believe the success of the free enterprise

system depends on the cooperation of

business, education, labor, government,
community and the youth of this nation.

I believe each individual has the responsibility

to develop an appreciation for productive

work and a respect for all careers.

I believe individuals should have the opportunity

to develop their full potential and recognize their

value to society.

I believe my success is earned through my efforts

at school and at work.

I believe the growth of my abilities and

experiences gained through the Career

Association will assure my future career


Mary V. Perkins-Jacobs, Ed.S. 

Jobs for Arkansas Graduates (JAG) Specialist 

J. A. Fair Science & Technology

Systems Magnet High School 

13420 David O. Dodd Road

Little Rock, AR  72210









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